Motion Sensor

Broco Electrical - Motion Sensor Illustration

Broco Motion Sensor switch is an automatic device to turn on or turn off the lights, activated by human movement or other thermal sources detected by the sensor.

Providing Comfort and Safety

  • You won’t need to search for the switches in the dark, as the lights will automatically be switched on when the sensor detect your movement.
  • Broco Motion Sensor can act as a detector when someone enters your porch or your house.
  • Broco Motion sensors can also be connected to the alarm system.

Power Efficiency

  • Lights are switched on only when necessary, and turned off automatically when the room is empty.
  • In case you forget to turn the lights off upon leaving the room, they will be switched off automatically in a few moment.

Cut down your electricity expenses instantly and play an active role in reducing global warming by getting efficient.

Broco Motion Sensor Series

Broco Motion Sensor - Plano Glass

Plano Glass

Broco Motion Sensor - Plano


Broco Motion Sensor - Plano Slim Line

Plano Slim Line

Broco Motion Sensor - Valencia


Broco Motion Sensor - Lugano


Broco Motion Sensor - Classica


Broco Motion Sensor - Integra


Product Specification
Input Voltage 220V ~ 10%
Maximum Load 500 W
Installation Planted or on the Surface
Cables Line, Neutral and Load
Detection angle range 120°
4 Segment Horizontal
α 40° 3 segment
Detection range 6 meters
Time setting 10 seconds to 15 minutes
Designed to be Switched ‘ON’ based on the last movement detected
Start time Based on the timer’s setting
Brightness setting 0 lux - 1000 lux
Room temperature 15°C – 40°C
Overload protection Fuse
Light Type Light bulb, fluorescent lamp, etc